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Mr & Mrs Rana of Walderslade said:

When we first contacted Nick to teach our 17 year old son to drive we expected him to be no different to other instructors. That being, we hand over the payment and have no further interaction with him. We couldn’t have been further from the truth, whilst other instructors work solely with the student, Nick spent the first half hour with us (without charge) going through his method of teaching and the expectations we should have of each other.  Nick continued to keep us informed of our son’s progress throughout the 8 months it took him to successfully pass his driving test.
Nick also included a free theory lesson at home helping our son to familiarise himself with the structure of the theory test. Nick conducted himself in a professional manner by ensuring we were present in the house and all we did was provide the tea and custard creams!
As a parent, we worry about our child driving in the dark and on the motorway. Nick ensured our son experienced after-dark driving and also offered a free motorway driving lesson once he passed his test. This was a tremendous bonus, it was re-assuring to know our son would experience his first motorway driving with Nick in his dual control car, because as we all know, motorway driving conditions are uniquely different to street driving and is an experience in itself.
With these invaluable extras, Nick’s driving lessons package is a cut above the rest and his commitment to both his students and the parents is admirable.
Nick had a natural rapport with our son; he was able to connect on a ‘down to earth’, friendly, relaxed level whilst maintaining total professionalism.  I would say he came across as the teacher at school that every student liked…...including the parents!

 Mrs Huntley of Rainham said:

I just want to say a very, very big thank you to Nick Salzen for teaching all three of my children to drive. You have been fab.       Only 7 years and you will have another Huntley on board. If anyone needs driving lessons this man is the one. Thanks again Nick. Over and out from the Huntley household xxx

Mr Fallon of Rainham said:

Nick has been a great driving instructor to my daughter, as he has provided her with real life driving tips and advice. He also gave her a confidence boost after she failed her driving test the first time after she had learnt with an alternative company.
What I admired about Nick’s style of teaching is how he took Emily outside of her comfort zone of the Medway towns driving test routes and gave her a broader driving experience in other locations and scenarios, ultimately helping her to become a more confident and competent driver, which as her parent I have noticed now that she has passed her driving test.
I’d like to thank Nick for teaching Emily in such a professional way and I would definitely recommend him as a driving instructor.

Mrs Garlinge of Gillingham said:

It can be very daunting for a parent when their teenage son starts driving lessons, knowing that they are going to be out on the roads brings a whole new set of worries, as if being a parent to a teenager isn't stressful enough!!  I was lucky as I happened to know Nick before Charlie started driving so he already had the thumbs up from me!!  Charlie on the other hand didn't know Nick so he was about to embark on a new adventure and spending hours on end in a car with a stranger...  This can be difficult from a teenager’s point of view as they are not the most sociable breed!
Nick came round to our house to introduce himself and for an informal chat and to go through the driving lesson process, which as a parent I thought was a really nice touch as not all instructors do this.
From Charlie's perspective he had nothing but nice things to say about Nick whilst learning to drive over the weeks, he said Nick was patient, thorough, calm, informative and easy to get along with, he did say though that he needs to work on his jokes as they are not always funny!!  (Feedback is always a good thing, we all have areas we can improve on lol.)
The theory test proved to be a challenge for Charlie, Nick came round to the house and went through the test with him, at no extra cost I might add, Charlie found this to be really helpful, again not all instructors offer this service.
Then came the dreaded test, Nick was brilliant on the build up to the test and they worked on Charlie's weak areas...  What really impressed me as a parent was that Nick also went over with Charlie how to control the car when put in difficult situations, as a parent we would be naive to think that once they've passed there will be an element of 'showing off' on the roads.Charlie passed!!  I would not hesitate in recommending Nick, he's a fantastic instructor and a jolly nice chap!​

Mrs Morice-Jones of Chatham said:
I was delighted with the way my son was taught and would 100% recommend Nick to the parents of any young person thinking of learning to drive.
Nick has been brilliant teaching my 17 year old son. He was always punctual, patient, calm and concise and always very approachable at every stage and I was particularly impressed that he had a superbly flexible style of teaching.  My son loved every lesson and was always looking forward to the next one.
Whilst Nick carefully covered all aspects required   for passing the test, he also taught so much more than just the essential basics.  He provided a complete driving experience well beyond just the test   pass requirements.
I was particularly impressed with the way he was always so flexible and customised every lesson to the needs of the learner and where necessary was happy to work outside the conventional box to find a way that worked best for my son to learn whilst making sure he still enjoying the experience and therefore brought out the best in him. Nick always   made sure each lesson was interesting and fun as well as instructive and I always felt completely confident that at every stage he was always totally safe too.
His packages of block lessons are very good value for money and he also includes a free theory session plus a free motorway driving lesson once the practical test has been passed.
My son really enjoyed learning to drive with Nick and I was so impressed I have booked myself a refresher lesson, even though I have been driving for over 30 years.

​Ms Murray of Gillingham said:

​Nick has taught both my girls to drive. He is an excellent teacher and very patient.
He has made all their lessons fun and been extremely supportive when things don't quite go to plan in lessons. Which when learning does happen.
17 PLUS is great value for money with all the hard work and encouragement that is given to the students, I would recommend Nick to any students whatever age. Thank you so much Nick.

​Mrs Taylor of Rainham said:

A huge thanks to Nick Salzen for teaching my (just turned 18) son to drive. James passed first time with flying colours on 25 August 2015. Nick has a huge amount of kindness and patience, James always had good things to say about him after a lesson not only as a teacher but as a genuine nice guy who really cares. He also went out of his way to help James with his theory, again passing first time. We would happily recommend Nick.

Mrs Durling of Walderslade said:

Nick has taught both my son and daughter in the last four years. He is a brilliant instructor. He is very knowledgeable and patient especially when they have struggled with a particular part of learning to drive. He is always friendly and cheerful. The free motorway lesson after they passed was an added bonus. I would definitely recommend Nick to any other parents who may be worried about their child learning to drive.

​Mrs Greer of Chatham said:

I was very pleased with the driving lessons my daughter received from Nick at 17 PLUS Driving School.
Nick was very professional yet very friendly and approachable.The free study pack was very helpful as was the free theory lesson to help her prepare for test. After she passed, she received a free motorway lesson which was the one thing we were really worried about.

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