Natalie S from Rainham said:

Well what can I say about learning to drive with Nick Salzen?
It is an experience that I will never forget. I did a two week intensive driving course with Nick and did not think that I would be able to learn as much as I did. The lessons were very professional yet relaxed and he never pushed me further than he felt I could cope with. He also did theory lessons with me that none of my previous driving instructors had done. Nick made driving fun yet safe and I firmly believe that the two weeks I spent with Nick made me the driver I am today. I will never forget what he taught me.
Thank you so much Nick!

Matthew L from Lordswood said:

I absolutely loved my time learning to drive with Nick. He's an amazing instructor and is more like a friend than a teacher.
I loved the fact that my lessons were structured, and I always knew what I would be learning/practising in my next lesson.
We could always have a laugh during lessons whilst still retaining a serious undertone, and without Nick, there is no way on this earth that I could have passed my test on my first attempt. The practice/mock exam was really helpful, and he always made me feel confident whilst driving.
I also did my Pass Plus with Nick, and it was one of the best things that I've ever done, because not only did it help me gain more experience on the roads, I also had a great time - and it came with breakfast and lunch! Overall, I would really recommend 17 PLUS Driving School, I really enjoyed myself and got a license at the end of it!

Andrew R from Rainham said:

I can honestly say that Nick was brilliant in helping me to pass my driving test. My previous instructor was unhelpful and it seemed he was just interested in taking my money rather than focusing to help me pass my test but with Nick it was totally different.
Nick was calm, patient and professional and most importantly his aim was to help me pass my test as quickly as possible. He assessed my weaknesses and gave me confidence in turning these into strengths.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nick and neither would my friends who Nick also helped to ensure that like me, they passed their test first time after being taught by him.

Jamie E from Wigmore said:

Nick is very friendly, easy to get on with and he has a great sense of humour (not to mention completely nuts!). On a serious note he is a good teacher, I made a lot of very silly mistakes whilst learning and he never lost his temper with me once. He always gives constructive feedback but most importantly he listens. If you feel worried about something, he will listen and go over that section with you until you are happy.
Nick also spent some time helping me with my theory (free of charge) instead of leaving me to get on with it as I know some other driving instructors like to do. Thanks largely to Nick's dedication I passed both my theory and my practical tests first time, I highly recommend learning with Nick Salzen.

Alex A from Gillingham said:

I was always worried about learning to drive, but Nick made me feel so relaxed that I started to enjoy driving. He was brilliant with my theory training as well as my actual practical driving. His scheduling was fantastic and suited my needs and my college lifestyle, he never let me down! 17 PLUS Driving School was brilliant for me!

Jess B from Gillingham said:

17 PLUS Driving School is very professional and I was made to feel welcome when first learning to drive.
Nick is very encouraging and believes in you, meaning that you can build confidence, allowing you to become a more confident driver. He is very relaxed and chilled out with a lot of patience. His excellent teaching techniques meant that I passed first time on both theory and practical tests. Very friendly and definitely recommended to others!

Jennie W from Rainham said:

Excellent teaching with easy to understand, in-depth explanations. Very funny, fun and always a laugh. Very patient and understanding. Great theory training that really helped me pass my test. Pass Plus training was very good as well. Thanks very much Nick.

Chris D from Walderslade said:

'Having joined Nick from a previous driving instructor, I was familiar with the basics and yet I still learned so much from Nick. Lessons were always productive and stimulating, but best of all enjoyable.
Having injured myself, leaving me unable to drive, Nick always kept in touch to see how the recovery process was coming. He made learning a fantastic time with a certain gift for small-talk, and would always come recommended.'

Tom D from Gillingham said:

I started learning to drive 2 days after my 17th birthday and I passed 3 weeks before my 18th birthday! By my 3rd lesson, Nick had me driving on the roads, confidently and safely.
Nick never got angry or annoyed if I couldn't do things correctly first time round. He has nothing but patience for his drivers and keeps the mood light by cracking jokes left, right and centre. I fully recommend Nick for driving lessons, so much so that I booked myself in to do Pass Plus with him!
I'll never forget his "pearls of wisdom" that he taught me and again I recommend Nick for driving lessons!

Robyn S from Wigmore said:

Learning with Nick was a very enjoyable experience.
The structured lessons, with specific reference points made things easy to understand and pick up.
After every lesson we reviewed my performance and I was able to self-reflect, which really improves your learning as you are thinking about what you've actually done rather than having your head in the cloud.
His lessons come with a free, full colour, 25 page study pack to look over after each lesson. I found this extremely helpful as I was able to check on the little things I was unsure of. He also spent time, free of charge, helping me prepare for my theory test.
It was a pleasure being his student. I passed first time with only three minors thanks to Nick's brilliant teaching methods.
Soon I'll be taking the motorway session Nick provides free of charge to his students once they've passed their test. I'm really looking forward to it! Thank you so much for all your hard work Nick.

Katie S from Rainham said:

I passed my test in March 2009 and I had a thoroughly enjoyable time learning to drive with Nick. He is the most easy-going, experienced driving instructor that you could hope for. I learnt everything at a pace that suited me and I am now a well experienced safe driver thanks to 17 PLUS and because of Nick’s precise and thorough teaching.
I remember on my first lesson I was incredibly nervous. After that one lesson, I was completely put at ease by how professional and kind Nick is with his approach to learner drivers. He has a passion for teaching people, not only to drive but also, about the importance of safety when driving. I would recommend Nick and 17 PLUS for anyone considering learning to drive because without Nick, I would not be the confident driver I am today.

Amie M from Gillingham said:

When I started learning with Nick I had already met him a few times through a friend of mine but I was still very nervous to learn. From the second I got in the car with Nick he made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Nick's very thorough and wants you to get the most from your lessons and get you through your test without taking any unnecessary money from you, while still giving you the most information possible.
I really enjoyed the time I spent learning with Nick and if it wasn't for him I know I wouldn’t have passed my test!
The FREE theory and motorway sessions with Nick really helped and are a rare thing to find these days! I was so pleased with Nick’s help that I decided to do my Pass Plus with him and had a fab day out learning on more difficult roads and motorways, the free lunch and game of pool I won wasn’t bad either!
Nick always pushes you to see for yourself how good you are without making you feel under pressure, he's a very genuine and honest person and the more respect you give him the more he chucks right back at you.
Lessons were always fun and easy going as well as being professional and structured. Without a doubt I would recommend him to everyone!

Ellie S from Parkwood Rainham said:

I passed my test in June 2011, first time! I had my very first driving lesson on my 17th birthday and at the start of learning I was very nervous about getting on the road. However, with Nick’s expert help and guidance, this soon became something that I learned to overcome.
Nick is a very easy-going person who makes every lesson enjoyable and fulfilling, and is always there to give the right support and guidance. The constant feedback and advice to improve really did help me to develop my driving making me more confident and safe on the road. Both my sister and myself passed with Nick and I would recommend him and 17 PLUS to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I can honestly say that I really enjoyed learning to drive with Nick and it has made me the safe and confident driver that I am today. Thank you so much for everything Nick!

Monique S of Gillingham said:

Yay I passed first time with 17 PLUS!
It took me four years to get there with bad instructors and some difficulties. Then I got recommended, by a friend, to Nick Salzen at 17 PLUS and I never looked back.
It was such a great experience learn with Nick. Not only did I have a wonderful and patient driving instructor, I also made a friend.
Thanks again Nick for all your hard work and faith in me!

Miki R from Walderslade said:

I found it very easy to learn from Nick because he made it very clear what was supposed to happen and what I needed to do to make it happen.
Lessons were always fun and there was never a dull moment. As time went on, I got to know Nick and he got to know me which only made lessons easier and more enjoyable.
Nick was always supportive and liked to stretch my abilities in order to make me a better driver and I took these challenges head on and found that I would actually benefit greatly. I never felt I was too far from my comfort zone that I couldn't do what was required and knowing he had complete faith I could do it, sped up my learning nicely.
Along with the freebies and the fact that Nick is a genuinely nice person, the result of all this is a fun and educational experience which taught me to drive, no problem.​

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